We’re getting closer to be done with production! The central Oregon Matsutake harvest has just ended. We followed Aloune and Dao as they moved from their camp in the High Cascades into a motel in the Siskiyou Mountains, where they are now waiting for another matsutake crop. The central oregon season was one of the worst they’ve ever seen. The weather was too dry and the harvest was poor. They hope this next crop will be better, but there is no rain in the forecast and their morale is low.

We’ve also wrapped up production with Francisco and his crew for their chanterelle harvest in the Oregon Coast Range. The season wasn’t as good as last year and the pickers were simultaneously harvesting mushrooms and salal, an evergreen shrub used in floral arrangements. As the chanterelle season peters out in the next couple weeks, they will keep picking salal until the next burn morel season in the spring.

We’re back home for now and will now begin putting the film together, as well as checking in periodically with Aloune and Dao for their second matsutake season and the winter mushrooms season, where we’ll finish production.


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